Skatepark Outreach 2020

So every Thursday from 6-7 pm we will be ministering to the kids until the end of August when they go back to school. This year we will be focused on asking the kids if there is anything that they would like us to pray for. Of course we will still be handing out gospel tracts and visiting with the kids. If any of you are led to serve in this ministry please let me know. It has been 15 years of hard plowing and I believe we are going to see a harvest of souls this summer. Our time on this earth is quickly coming to an end as we can see with what is going on around us in these trying times. We will very soon be in the presence of our Savior so let’s not waste the remaining time we have and get serious about what the Lord would have for us. Even if you are not serving directly serving at the skatepark I would ask that you keep this ministry in prayer. Two items to pray for would be continued goodwill from the Fargo Park workers and for a mighty harvest of souls. See you out there!