Secret Sis


I’m excited for this ministry we get to partake in; to pray, to bless, and to encourage one another in the Lord Jesus! Please sign up at the welcome table by September 27.

How secret sis works:

When you sign up I will give you a sheet to fill out for the woman that will receive your name. Please fill this out well so it is easy for her to know you and what you enjoy! Please have these handed into me by September 27. We will pick our woman on the 4th of October and the the fun begins October 11.

It is important to pray for the woman you receive.

You can make gifts or buy gifts (please keep them $5 and under). If you buy or make gifts please use the sheet given to you with what the woman you receive likes. Write encouragement notes!

Please be diligent with this ministry. If you will not make it on a particular Sunday, get your gift or encouragement note to Tanya before that Sunday you are gone so your woman is not bummed out for not receiving something.

The Secret Sis reveal is on December 5th which is our Christmas brunch! What a brunch it will be! Get your tastebuds ready for THE ALL BEEF BRUNCH (other meats welcome).

On the reveal Saturday that gift can be $10 or less!

– Tanya