World missions has been a part of the vision of the ministry for Calvary Chapel Fargo from the beginning. Then as the church grew and our ability to support also grew we have expanded our efforts to reach our “uttermost” parts of the world.

For the last 13 years we have been supporting Ron and Donna Brink with Touch Baja, a ministry that reaches the lost in the Baja of California in Mexico. Ron and Donna have lived in Mexico, near Tijuana for  20 years, and have planted Calvary Chapel Xochimilco, the church that Ron pastors. They have raised up “local” men to pastor and have begun 5 other churches in the region surrounding Tijuana. We love the vision that Ron has of reaching the lost and starting churches and are encouraged to come along side another pastor. Each year in May we have a short term trip that CC Fargo takes to Tijuana to encourage the church at Xochimilco and their other church plants. Also we seek to expand our mission efforts to other parts of Mexico as the Lord gives us direction.

Mexico Missions Trip 2022

Announcing our Mission Trip to Mexico with Calvary Chapel Xochimilco.

Dates: May 2022

Where we are going: Calvary Chapel Xochimilco, Mexico (Soh-Chee-Mil-Coo) www.touchbaja.com – Pastor Ron Brink

Cost: to be announced

Accommodations: Missions Training Center or Calvary Chapel Xochimilco. We will have separate dorm style housing for the men and for the women.

Sign up: email the church at ccfargo.church@gmail.com to sign up for this mission trip. You must be at least 16 years of age (with parental permission.)

Qualification and Preparation: Serving currently in ministry at your church – verified by your pastor, that you are preparing yourself for this trip by serving Jesus. Praying is an important preparation for this trip. We have learned that answered prayer is the key to a “successful” mission trip.

What to bring:

  • Personal items/toiletries – good idea to have your own toilet paper along
  • Enough clothes to not need a trip to the laundry-
              • 8 pairs of underclothes and sox
              • 4 pairs of shorts
              • 2 pairs of long pants
              • 3 long sleeve shirts
              • T-shirts
              • Shoes and sandals
              • Clothes for church services – maybe about 4 services that week
              • Swimsuit
              • Towel
              • Work clothes
              • Work gloves
  • Money for additional spending – gifts, snacks, etc (no need to exchange for Pesos)
  • Bible and journal
  • Camera or phone
  • Passport
  • Servant’s heart

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